2.9. Reading Tools

The Reading Tools are designed to assist experienced and novice readers by providing a rich context of related materials from a wide variety of largely open access sources. These optional tools use an author's keywords to automatically search a relevant open access database for related materials which are presented to the reader in another window. Readers have a choice of tools, and within each tool a choice of databases, along with access to information about the database.

In the example below you can see that to the right of the demonstration article there are a number of Article Tools (including a Print option; a How to Cite Item option; various email and comment options), and below that are a number of further resources listed under Related Items. The steps below will show you how to configure the list of links above the Related Items (Review Policy, About the Author, etc.), and the related items themselves.

Figure 4.95. Reading Tools Display

Reading Tools Display

If you click on one of the resource links (e.g., Web Search), it will open a popup window with links to a variety of resources (e.g., Google, etc.) to search. Note the use of the article keywords as the search terms. All of the resources and resource categories are completely configurable.

Figure 4.96. Reading Tools: Web Search

Reading Tools: Web Search