2.7. Masthead

The Masthead is used to list of people associated with the journal. You can access this from the Journal Manager's Management Pages. The Masthead information will appear in About the Journal, under People.

Figure 4.85. Management Pages: Masthead

Management Pages: Masthead

The Masthead configuration page provides two methods of displaying the members of your journal's Editorial Team: either automatically (generated from assigned user roles -- e.g., anyone enrolled as an Editor will appear on the page), or manually (using the Create Position Title option). This can be useful if you wish to have titles other than those provided by OJS (e.g., Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, etc.). To use this second option, change the radio button and hit Record (note, that last step is commonly overlooked, so be sure to hit it if you wish to change from one option to the other).

Figure 4.86. Masthead


Next, select Create a Position Title. Fill out the title field; choose whether emails for this group will be publicly displayed; and choose whether the title will appear under the Editorial Team or under People on its own in About the Journal. It could be the position of a single person (e.g., Managing Editor) or of a group (e.g., Board Members).

Figure 4.87. Create Title

Create Title

After saving, you will be able to use the Membership link to add a name or names to the position. Note the email icon next to the Managing Editor title. Once this group has been populated with members, you can use this icon to quickly email everyone in that group.

Figure 4.88. Membership


On the resulting page, you will see a list of existing members of this group. From here you can also add members by clicking on 'Membership'.

Figure 4.89. Add Member

Add Member

From the list of user accounts, use the Add Member link to add them to the group. send an email to all members of a group by clicking on the email icon next to the title name.

Figure 4.90. Adding the Member

Adding the Member

Once this is done, you can see the results on the About page, under Editorial Team.

Figure 4.91. Masthead Display

Masthead Display