2.2. Announcements

If you have chosen the announcements option for your journal, a link to manage announcements will appear under Management Pages.

Figure 4.54. Management Pages: Announcements

Management Pages: Announcements

First, create a new Announcement Type by selecting "Announcement Types" and then "Create Announcement Type".

Figure 4.55. Announcements


Figure 4.56. Announcement Types

Announcement Types

Fill in the name for a new announcement type and save.

Figure 4.57. Create Announcement Type

Create Announcement Type

You may only have one for now (e.g., Standard), but this does give you the opportunity to create others at any time. You can also return here to edit this announcement type. Return to the main Announcement page by selecting Announcements.

Figure 4.58. Edit Announcement Types

Edit Announcement Types

You can create and post an announcement using "Create New Announcement" link.

Figure 4.59. Announcement Page

Announcement Page

Select announcement type from the dropdown, fill in the announcement title, provide the short and detailed descriptions for the announcement, and specify the expiry date for the announcement to display.

Figure 4.60. Create New Announcement

Create New Announcement

This announcement will now be visible by clicking on the journal Home or Announcements link on the top navigation bar, and remain there until the expiry date selected.

Figure 4.61. View Announcements on Home Page

View Announcements on Home Page

To see the full announcement, click on the More link.

Figure 4.62. Viewing Announcement Page

Viewing Announcement Page