2.3. Issues

As an Editor you have four issue-specific pages available: Create Issue, Notify Users, Future Issues, and Back Issues.

Figure 6.19. Issues


Only Editors can create issues and publish issues. Section Editors can add (schedule) submissions to an existing issue, but they cannot create an issue.

It is the Editor's responsibility to check that all edited material has been proofread by the Author and (optionally) by a Proofreader.

The Editor can arrange journal section and article order for each issue; can modify issue data like volume and number information, issue details and cover images, and so on.

The Editor is also the only one who may remove published material from a Table of Contents.

Finally, the Editor is the only person who can send out a notification email to all registered Readers, notifying them of a new issue.


Journal content can be published in bundled issues in traditional volume/number/year format, or can be published as soon as they are ready by adding finished submissions to the 'current' issue. See Publication Scheduling for more information on configuration options.