From the resulting 'Summary' page, you will see links to Summary, Review, and Editing pages. Each of these pages will provide details about your submission.

Figure 5.23. Selecting Submission Summary

Selecting Submission Summary

The Summary section contains several sections, including Submission, which displays the author names, submission title, original submission file, any supplementary files, the ability to add a supplementary file, the name of the submitter, the date submitted, the section the article is assigned to, the editor responsible for the submission, and the comments to editor you made as part of your submission (see above).

Figure 5.24. Submission Summary

Submission Summary

The next section outlines any required author fees. If the journal does not charge author fees, this section will not appear.

Figure 5.25. Author Fees

Author Fees

The Status section lets you know where your submission is in the publishing process (see above for status possibilities). It also lets you know when you made your submission and the date of the most recent status change.

Figure 5.26. Status


The final section outlines the submission metadata, including author details, title, abstract, indexing, and supporting agency. You can modify any of this information by selecting Edit Metadata.

Figure 5.27. Submission Metadata

Submission Metadata