Past R&D Initiatives


PKP Education Project

USAid, 2013 – 2014
Kevin Stranack, Smith Esseh, Joe Haigh, and Max Alexander

The PKP Education Project launched on April 1st, 2013. Work is being done on developing a MOOC like course structures: for example on Editorial Skills (in general) and OJS for Editors, and more. The PKP School platform on WordPress currently has a course teaching the use of OJS for journal managers. We intend to provide training and support that can be accessed when needed, in both ‘just in time’, as well as ‘just in case’ scenarios.


Helping Journals to Upgrade Data Publication for Reusable Research

Sloan, 2012-14
Gary King (Harvard University) Alex Garnett, James MacGregor

The task is to build a Dataverse network plugin for Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Monograph Press (OMP), while having journals demonstrate the publication of data sets leading to replication studies.

California Digital Library: User Interface/Experience review of the Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.0 alpha

California Digital Library, 2013
Rachael Hu, Gregory Shapiro

The California Digital Library became one of the Public Knowledge Project’s first formal development partners in 2012.  As a major part of this commitment, CDL undertook a comprehensive user interface/experience review of the Open Journal Systems (OJS) 3.0 alpha in 2013.

The review concentrated on five major workflow areas:

  • Journal setup
  • Article submission
  • Article review
  • User account setup and role assignment
  • Publication of an article and issue

PKP will use the CDL report to guide the ongoing UI/UX refinement of the first, and subsequent, production releases of the OJS 3.X software line.

The full report can be found here.

National Logo

Synergies: The Canadian Information Network for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Canadian Foundation for Innovation, 2008-2010
Rick Kopak, Rowland Lorimer, John Maxwell, Ray Siemens, Richard Smith, John Willinsky

The Synergies initiative created a national network for the production, storage, and access to digitized knowledge, including peer-reviewed journal articles, datasets, theses, conference proceedings, and scholarly books produced in Canada. OJS played a major support role in Synergies, being used by four of the five principal Synergies partners.