PKP Software Integration

One model for implementing the complete set of PKP software is for university libraries to create an integrated site that brings together their institutional repositories, along with Open Journal Systems, and Open Conference Systems. In addition, the Open Archives Harvester is used to index and search the content of the site.

This allows the library to offer faculty members a way of depositing their work, wherever it is published or whatever state it is in, as well as supporting their involvement in the running of journals and conferences. It also creates a single point of search for all that the university is doing along these lines.

The PowerPoint presentation of Labor.pdf The Division of Labor outlines the ways IT staff, librarians, and journal editors and conference directors can work together to provide online, open access to the research output of a university or college.

A good example of a library integrating this set of open source software is the UTSePress at the University of Technology at Sydney. Note the black ePress navigation bar which provides access to the integrated services:

Charles Baileys’ blog Digital Koans has a column that provides a description of the UTSePress, as well as a second column on the Singapore E-Press at the National University of Singapore, which also uses OJS for a variety of publications.

Other sites integrating open source software include:

Petroleum Journals Online, using:

The Simon Fraser University Library, using:

The University of Guelph, using:

The University of Toronto Library, using: