PKP/Dataverse Network Integration

This project allows journals to facilitate research data sharing and archiving by setting up a plugin in their OJS installation for authors to be able to deposit their research data at the same time as their article from the journal’s article submission system. (This plugin will eventually be available for OMP and OCS.) This plugin will complement and/or replace OJS’ current “supplementary files” option, and will also provide access to Dataverse Network data preservation, citation and analysis tools at the journal/article level. OJS Journal integration with the Dataverse Network will be available for any OJS journal that wishes to implement easy data sharing and archiving, and enhance their published articles with links to data.

The Dataverse Network is an open source web application for sharing, citing, analyzing and preserving research data. Supports the sharing of open data, which enables reusable and reproducible research. Researchers, data authors, publishers, data distributors, and affiliated institutions all receive appropriate credit.

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More information, including roadmaps, FAQs and other documents, can be found on the Dataverse Network Project Page.