Alternative Publishing Models

This project will investigate different publishing models and options for 2.4.x/OJS 3.0, as well as improvements to the current publishing options. The focus will be on how to best support continuous publication, multi-journal publishers (and mega-journals), and preprints.

Key components

  • Mega-Journals¬†(and Multi-Journals): allow a single journal to run as a mega-journal; or combine multiple journals on the same platform into a single journal “face”.
  • Continuous Publication: improve publication options for journals that publish articles as they are completed, rather than purely as discrete issues
  • Publishing Workflow: improve the review and editing processes, by focusing on options to streamline and provide flexibility; also include article processing fees (APFs)
  • Preprints: improve options for offering pre-print article content (that is, access to article manuscripts after they are accepted, but before they are fully published)