Code of Conduct Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To provide a safe space for reporting incidents that violate PKP’s Community Code of Conduct confidentially.
  • To provide guidance to managers who are dealing with reports, in order to encourage fair, appropriate, transparent, and consistent practices.
  • To offer an open communication channel for those who submit an incident through the report form.


  • The Committee will be composed of 2 PKP staff members and 1 PKP community member.
  • Committee members should be diverse (for example, gender, racialized identity, and ability)
  • PKP Directors cannot be on the Committee.
  • Members must be willing and able to evaluate incidents objectively and compassionately. This means staying up-to-date on issues related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and being committed to ongoing learning to further develop their understanding and approaches to these issues.
  • Members must have a full understanding of the Code of Conduct and internal guidelines for responding to incidents.


As needed, when there is an incident reported that requires follow-up.

Current Members

  • Alex Mendonça (SciELO)
  • Lynn Zhang (PKP)
  • Roger Gillis (PKP)