PKP Sprint – Montreal

February 10th, 2016 by  | Comments Off on PKP Sprint – Montreal

PKP is pleased to announce a spring developer sprint in Montreal, Canada, on Monday/Tuesday April 25-26, 2016. The event will be co-hosted by PKP and Érudit at the University of Montreal. We would like to cordially invite you to attend; we were delighted with the last sprint and hope you enjoyed it as much as […]

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Survey: Digital Book Production Software

February 9th, 2016 by  | Comments Off on Survey: Digital Book Production Software

Dear all, The Center for Digital Systems has been supporting researchers (at the Free University Berlin and other research institutions) with their projects to publish e-journals for years. In the context of our activities on the topics “e-publishing” and “open access”, we would now like to learn more about the need for software tools and […]

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OJS 3.0 Documentation Draft: Registering

February 5th, 2016 by  | 2 Comments

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will introduce draft sections of the new OJS 3 documentation — and much of this will apply to the upcoming OMP 1.2 release as well. We’re interested in your feedback on the documentation, but also on the design decisions we’ve made for the new […]

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OA Publishing Cooperative Study: Q2 Report

February 1st, 2016 by  | Comments Off on OA Publishing Cooperative Study: Q2 Report

The MacArthur-funded Open Access Publishing Cooperative Study is examining cooperation between publishing stakeholder groups by exploring potential cooperative associations involving disciplines, with anthropology (Libraria), national initiatives (Canadian Journals Project), and regional models (African Journals Project).

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January 22nd, 2016 by  | Comments Off on – German OJS Network Workshop

During the past year, the Germany-based project – a collaboration of three universities from Berlin, Heidelberg and Konstanz – has been working towards establishing a network for German-language universities and research institutions that use Open Journal Systems. is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the first project phase runs 2014-2016. Our […]

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An Introduction to the New Frontend Template Structure

January 18th, 2016 by  | Comments Off on An Introduction to the New Frontend Template Structure

When we redesigned the OJS/OMP backend, we introduced a separation between the frontend and the backend which should make customizing the frontend a lot easier. In this post, I’ll introduce you to some of those changes and what they mean for the future of theming our software.

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Digging Collaboration and Cooperation: Code for a New Era

January 14th, 2016 by  | Comments Off on Digging Collaboration and Cooperation: Code for a New Era

Originally posted on the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation blog. Where once, a half-century ago, peace, love and non-medicinal weed filled the air of the Bay Area, the groove today is all about collaboration, cooperation, and open sourcing. From Google to Tesla, IBM to Microsoft, Stanford to Berkeley, the bit-rate of open source vibes is increasing, amid […]

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A fresh look for OMP 1.2 and OJS 3.0

December 8th, 2015 by  | 5 Comments

When we redesigned the OJS 3.0 backend in time for the beta release, we had to rush out a frontend. We’ve now had a chance to revisit the reader interface, think about the wide variety of use-cases we need to support, and put together something we’re pretty happy with. In this post I’ll give you […]

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Tackling accessibility in OJS 3.0 beta

November 30th, 2015 by  | 4 Comments

We’ve worked hard to address accessibility concerns in the new OJS 3.0 beta. When we overhauled the design, we were able to address a number of basic issues. In this post, I’ll detail some of the things we did to solve existing problems and some of the problems we plan to tackle going forward.

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Checking in on the PKP XML Parsing Service

November 19th, 2015 by  | Comments Off on Checking in on the PKP XML Parsing Service

You may not know that PKP has a pretty storied history with automated article parsing. Many, many years ago (circa 2008), we had a project called Lemon8-XML which worked as a complementary application to OJS. With Lemon8, journal editors could upload a Word (or Word-compatible) document into a web interface which would attempt to parse […]

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