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Component Severity OS Target Milestone Summary
1314 2 0 Authors normal All --- Removed * but not the need to enter them on Supp File metadata page
1340 2 0 Authors normal All --- mail form doesn't have "to" filled out
1459 2 0 Authors normal All --- error when submitting article in step one as an author
2928 2 0 Authors normal Mac OS X 10.0 --- Registering and notifying co-authors
8615 2 0 Authors normal All --- Users that are only authors assigned to a submission that they didn't submitted can't access it via interface
5743 3 0 Copyeditors and Proofreaders normal Windows 7 --- Copyedit Instructions Link Broken
2768 2 0 Editors normal Linux --- "Decline" decision causes counts and lists to misbehave
5762 4 0 Editors normal Mac OS X 10.6 --- Improve submission review status messages and update dynamically
6407 2 0 Editors normal All --- Allow searching by submission ID
8407 2 0 Editors normal All --- Active review count on reviewer selection page incorrect
8517 2 0 Editors normal All --- database error in editor submissions page. DB Error: Unknown column 'ea.user_id' in 'where clause'
1625 2 0 Framework normal All --- Content import/export tools
1659 2 0 General normal All --- Site-wide users table issues
1812 2 0 General minor All --- Numeric IDs read from user input should be cast to integers
2596 2 0 General major Windows XP --- Problem with email icon - parsing error
2598 2 0 General major Windows XP --- Stats & Reports page problems
2659 2 0 General normal Linux --- Conference Setup needs overhaul
2758 2 0 General normal Linux --- Review queue progress checks
2827 2 0 General normal Windows XP --- dates missing from call for papers displayed in right column
3108 3 0 General normal Mac OS X 10.0 --- Default settings not loaded for new locales when added post journal creation

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The Most Frequent Bugs page lists the known open bugs which are reported most frequently, counting the number of direct and indirect duplicates of bugs. This information is provided in order to assist in minimizing the amount of duplicate bugs entered into PKP Bugzilla, which saves time for Quality Assurance engineers who have to triage the bugs.

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