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A web-based application to convert academic papers from typical word-processor editing formats to XML.
  Default Assignee
Citation Editor PKP Support
Citation editing functionality.
Citation Parser PKP Support
Citation parsing functionality.
Document Parser PKP Support
Document decomposition functionality.
Framework PKP Support
The L8X system framework (not CakePHP).
General PKP Support
Anything not covered by the other categories.
HTML/PDF Preview PKP Support
XML rendering / preview-generation functionality.
Import/Conversion PKP Support
Document conversion integration and functionality.
Localization PKP Support
I18n support issues as well as specific translations.
Metadata Editor PKP Support
Metadata editing functionality.
Personalization PKP Support
User management and customization functionality.
Plug-ins PKP Support
The L8X plug-in framework and built-in plug-ins.
Section Editor PKP Support
Section editing functionality.
User Interface PKP Support
UI glitches, broken links, browser-platform issues, AJAX development, etc.
XML Export PKP Support
XML export XSL transformations and standards.