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Wed Jan 18 2017 02:24:47 PST
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
2795 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Review pop-up for Track Director improvement 2007-04-12
3851 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Eliminate Abstract Review section for Non-reviewed Tracks 2011-08-12
4916 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- (Track) directors should not be able to see review reports on their own papers 2009-12-01
8863 OCS Review alec NEW --- Reviewer's "edit comment" tools don't work 2014-08-07
6953 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- "Abstract only" Revisions Requested issues 2011-11-16
4897 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Enable "bidding" among reviewers for proposals they prefer to review 2009-11-24
4905 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Include custom reports in Review Report 2013-05-29
4911 OCS Review pkp-support NEW --- Add "Committee-Based Review" Option 2011-03-27
6915 OCS Review michael.pkp REOP --- Review due date incorrectly set and displayed for paper review 2012-09-24
9 bugs found.
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