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Sun Oct 23 2016 20:26:08 PDT
Two birds fly together. One of them is flying alone in search for company, the other has landed feeling overwhelmed by the solitude and damaged for the lack of company... I'm a bear.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6599 OCS Registra michael.pkp NEW --- Update paypal logo 2011-04-14
6600 OCS Registra michael.pkp NEW --- Separate out manual and paypal email templates 2011-04-14
7038 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Conference registration workflow problem 2012-03-16
7115 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Option code not validated during registration 2012-03-16
7469 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Restricting the number of registrations 2012-09-24
8242 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- Feature request: Free conference handling 2013-06-11
8280 OCS Registra pkp-support NEW --- allow search by name on registrations 2013-06-28
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