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Sat Apr 21 2018 18:15:45 PDT
Submission step numbering is wrong in ojs i think it'll be step3 before step 2 how can i do this because author enter metadata , author name etc first after that step 2 so that i want to modifief it how can i do this step 3 before step 2...
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16 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
4063 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Create multiple subscriptions simultaneously 2013-05-29
4065 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Enable sorting of subscriptions 2013-05-29
4066 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Edit multiple subscriptions simultaneously 2013-05-29
4067 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Enable email sending to multiple subscribers 2013-05-29
4229 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Subscription access based on journal roles 2013-05-29
4403 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Review online membership renewal and subscription purchase 2013-05-29
4493 OJS Subscrip pkp-support NEW --- improvements to manual payment plugin 2013-05-29
4717 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Subscriptions: Less granularity with partial subscription expiry check 2013-05-29
5112 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Improve article access indicator for readers 2013-05-29
5489 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Filter subscriptions on expiration 2012-06-06
6293 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Allow partial subscription IP ranges 2012-09-21
6322 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Print-on-demand purchase options for issues and articles 2013-09-03
6726 OJS Subscrip pkp-support NEW --- Change Open Access moving wall option from dropdown to open field 2012-09-21
7009 OJS Subscrip michael.pkp NEW --- Add support for subscription IPv6 address ranges 2012-09-21
7997 OJS Subscrip jmacgreg NEW --- Add verbiage indicating that IPv6 IP addresses are supported in subscriptions 2013-02-18
8044 OJS Subscrip pkp-support NEW --- Manual payment subscription notification emails should be sent to Subscription Manager 2012-11-27
16 bugs found.
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