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Wed Sep 20 2017 22:16:06 PDT
The early bird gets the worm; the second mouse gets the cheese.
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23 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
8584 OJS Open Jou pkp-support NEW --- Reminders sent after new round is initiated 2014-07-21
8881 OJS User Int jason.nugent RESO FIXE Username field in one step password reset form is empty 2014-08-29
8886 OJS Copyedit pkp-support NEW --- Citation editor: Conf. proc. citations can't be parsed 2014-09-04
8898 OJS Editors pkp-support RESO FIXE Wrong "In submission" and "In editing" count in section editor's User Home 2015-01-02
8921 OJS General alec RESO FIXE Some users can't login after upgrade to OJS 2.4.5 2014-11-17
8923 OJS Plug-ins jason.nugent RESO FIXE Call to undefined method SectionEditorSubmission::getDatePublished() in QuickSubmitForm 2014-10-21
8948 OJS Reviewer michael.thessel RESO FIXE Broken links for "submission review" and "password reset" in review remind email 2014-11-14
7026 OJS Submissi jmacgreg RESO FIXE CrossRef plugin uses incorrect publication date for articles 2014-04-09
8980 OJS General pkp-support RESO FIXE empty <ul class="interests"> is generated (xhtml1.1 violation) 2015-01-06
8190 OJS Submissi pkp-support RESO FIXE urlencoded DOIs return display issue 2014-09-04
9047 OJS Editors pkp-support RESO FIXE Can't access stats & report from journals in OJS Portals before the current year 2014-12-15
8353 OJS Localiza pkp-support RESO FIXE Allow URL override of current locale 2013-09-09
8637 PKP-LIB User Int pkp-support RESO FIXE User group stage assignment is too much complicated 2014-08-27
8783 PKP-LIB Plugins pkp-support NEW --- Hooks '<form>::getlocalefieldnames', '<dao>::getLocaleFieldNames', and '<dao>::getAdditionalFieldNames' do not work properly 2014-09-18
8725 OJS Submissi juan RESO DUPL Issue publishing broken by commit 680127 in ojs-stable-2_4 branch 2014-05-02
8726 OJS Plug-ins jmacgreg RESO FIXE Crossref automatic deposit reversions, to be looked at after OJS 2.4.4 is released 2014-08-07
8880 PKP-LIB User Int pkp-support NEW --- One Step password reset form uses user.login key instead of user.username 2014-08-28
8731 OJS General pkp-support RESO DUPL Investigate reverted publication date change 2014-10-02
8733 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO FIXE Change in ArticleHandler::setupTemplate signature affects RTHandler 2014-05-06
8747 OJS Reviewer alec RESO FIXE Fatal error: Call to a member function getId() on a non-object in /home/ilunis/public_html/ojs/classes/notification/NotificationManager.inc.php on line 121 2014-12-12
8839 OJS Editors pkp-support RESO FIXE When an issue is deleted, its custom order entry on custom_issue_orders is not deleted. 2014-07-07
8841 OJS User Int pkp-support RESO FIXE /issue/current/showToc should redirect to /issue/view/xx/showToc 2014-07-21
4645 OJS Plug-ins pkp-support RESO FIXE ABNT citation has location hardcoded 2012-06-28
23 bugs found.
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