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Sat Feb 24 2018 14:09:53 PST
Nothing ventured, nothing lost.
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
6531 OMP General alec RESO FIXE "EDITOR NOTE" text hard-coded instead of actual note fetch 2014-09-04
6233 OMP General juan RESO DUPL Remove columns that rely on the "acting-as" user group. 2011-08-09
6172 OMP General mattcrider RESO DUPL problems when trying to promote submission from review to copyediting stage 2011-07-14
6230 OMP Submissi pkp-support RESO DUPL Check review file storage correctness 2011-08-04
6374 OMP General pkp-support RESO DUPL OMP clean-up: Clean up new review round creation code 2011-07-11
6410 OMP General pkp-support RESO DUPL OMP clean-up: Tracking issue for open review stage bugs. 2016-01-03
6412 OMP General pkp-support RESO DUPL The review revisions grid does not implement speced role columns. 2011-08-09
7 bugs found.
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