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Tue Jan 24 2017 07:31:42 PST
I put a tiger in your tank.
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11 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
3619 OJS Readers michael.pkp NEW --- RT: Access to printer-friendly version of article if RT disabled 2013-05-29
3121 OJS Reading pkp-support NEW --- Reading Tools re-arrangement proposal 2013-05-29
3496 OCS General pkp-support NEW --- Confusing subheadings found on Reading Tools / Versions page 2009-10-28
1652 OJS Reading pkp-support NEW --- RT: Improvements to deal with multiple search terms 2012-09-24
4597 OJS Reading pkp-support NEW --- RT: Refactor Reading Tools into plugin infrastructure 2013-05-29
2499 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO WONT Reading tools: Works Citing This Item 2013-05-29
2882 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO DUPL Double-check/correct Reading Tools multi-locale support 2012-09-21
3910 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO FIXE Include social networking features in Reading Tool or article view 2009-08-14
1421 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO WONT RT alignment with article view 2012-09-24
1424 OJS Reviewer pkp-support RESO WONT RT Admin reorganization 2012-09-24
1433 OJS Reading pkp-support RESO WONT Abstract Reading Tools functionality 2012-09-24
11 bugs found.
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