Accessibility Interest Group


The Accessibility Interest Group (AIG) worked in 2020-2021 to educate, inform, contribute to, and advocate for accessibility in PKP software. 


  1. Keep stakeholders updated on the accessibility work underway at PKP.
  2. Solicit and direct community contributions towards PKP’s accessibility efforts through testing and documentation.
  3. Educate the scholarly publishing community on accessibility best practices. 
  4. Advocate for change to improve accessibility in publishing software and practices.

Completed Projects


  • Mariya Maistrovskaya, University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada, Chair)
  • Israel Cefrin, PKP (Ontario, Canada, PKP Liaison)
  • Michelle Brailey, University of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
  • Ronnie Fagundes de Brito, IBICT (Brazil)
  • Ramón Martins Sodoma da Fonseca, IBICT (Brazil)
  • Raphael Raphael, University of Hawaii (Hawaii, USA)
  • Sandi Shitanishi (Hawaii, USA)
  • Patricia Mangahis (PKP)
  • Kate Cawthorn (Alberta, Canada)