Equity and Inclusion Team

The PKP Equity and Inclusion Team contributes to PKP policies and recommends practices to improve organizational transparency and prioritize the inclusion and experiences of members of equity-seeking groups within the Public Knowledge Project, its decision-making processes and leadership, and its community.

This team aims to contribute to the goals and values set out in PKP’s 2017-2021 Strategy. This strategy seeks to “build our staff, increase our diversity, and enhance our recruitment and retention strategies.” The document describes inclusiveness as one of PKP’s core values. It states that “we respect people, value diversity, and actively seek to expand spaces for many voices and experiences, both locally and globally, in and through our work.” We acknowledge our alignment with, and will seek to contribute to, PKP efforts and goals to develop and support the decolonization of scholarly publishing, to collaborate in postcolonial publishing initiatives, and to provide the means for a diversity of academic inquiry and voices to readily engage in scholarly publishing.

The Equity and Inclusion Team recommends actions to achieve these aims and decolonize practices in all of PKP’s activities, including recruitment, events, projects, training, community groups, and services. This group situates itself within the broader global struggles against settler colonialism, ableism, anti-black racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of injustice and oppression. We acknowledge all Indigenous people who have been displaced from their land because of colonization. The group aims to actively address these issues as they relate to PKP staff; PKP’s presence, influence, and branding; and community involvement.


Membership consists of 5-8 members of the PKP staff

  • Call for volunteers
    • PKP staff members are invited to join the team at any time, but specific calls for volunteers will go out when existing members end their term on the Team and decide not to renew for another year. Terms are renewed in September of each year.
  • Length of term
    • Members will serve a one year term, which may be renewed
  • Current members (2021-2022)
    • Patricia Mangahis
    • Kate Shuttleworth
    • Amanda Stevens
    • Nate Wright
    • Lin Zhang
    • Emma Uhl
    • Mike Nason