OJS community input needed for submissions list filter design

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Editors or those with multiple roles in a journal use the submissions lists to identify which submissions need action, which submissions are waiting for reviewers or authors, when they need to nudge other editors to take actions, or when expected tasks are overdue.

Sometimes these lists get long and it becomes difficult for editors to filter the submissions that need action. Hence, to help complete these tasks more quickly and easily, editors want us to provide more tools to find submissions and distinguish between different assignments.

In our pursuit to design these tools to filter certain kind of submissions from the other and help users perform tasks quickly, we are exploring the possibility of incorporating views/statuses which will quickly filter the submission list according to different tasks and user preferences.

Imagining submission list filters

For example, imagine you have an e-commerce page with different varieties of fruits and you are tired of having to scroll through the endless list. However, on the top you see some views or statuses like “green fruits”, “berries”, “summer fruits”, “vitamin c rich fruits”, etc. You click on “Vitamin C rich fruits” and the list automatically sorts itself out and shows you only those fruits that are rich in vitamin C making it easier for you to complete your task of buying fruits.

Generating ideas

On doing some research for submission lists’ views/statuses, we stumbled upon the following:

1. Published submission (list filters to show only submissions that are published)
2. Active (list filters to show submissions that are on-going and not published yet)
3. Requires admin/editor/reviewer/author action (submissions requiring action prompt appropriate user to proceed)
4. Language based views (e.g. filter that shows only Spanish submissions, or French submissions)
5. Reviews overdue (submissions in review stage wherein peer reviews have not been received)
6. Declined (submissions that have been declined)
7. Reviews in progress (filter that shows only submissions where peer reviews are in progress)
8. Awaiting participant assignment (submissions where managing editor needs to assign other participants)
9. By date: newest to oldest (submissions from newest to oldest)
10. By date: oldest to newest (submissions from oldest to newest)

Calling all editors and users with multiple journal roles

These are just some of the views/statuses that we could think of that could help filter a long list of submissions. However, we need your help in figuring out more statuses/views to add in order to make filtering and managing submissions easier for you!

Please fill in this survey to contribute to this Open Journal Systems improvement.

Thank you

PKP’s open source Open Journal Systems continues to improve because of your contributions in the community, so thank you! Thank you to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for hosting this survey.

Written by Devika Goel, PKP UX/UI Designer. Editing and image design by Famira Racy. Image design background photograph (originally in colour) by PKP Photographer Jason Nugent.

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