French National Fund for Open Science Supports PKP SCOSS Campaign

March 10th, 2020 by  | Comments Off on French National Fund for Open Science Supports PKP SCOSS Campaign

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is honoured at the receipt of a major pledge, part of the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services’ (SCOSS) second funding cycle. The French National Fund for Open Science (FNSO) announced today its support for PKP in the amount of €75,000 over three years (10% of our target amount under SCOSS). 

The SCOSS program facilitates “funding to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the world’s Open Science infrastructure.” To support, the FNSO’s Steering Committee for Open Science has decided to support not just one, but all three projects in SCOSS’ second funding cycle. A total of €450,000 in funding has been pledged by the FNSO with Open Citations and OAPEN/the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) also receiving funds. Not only is this a generous contribution, it is SCOSS’ “largest single financial contribution to date.” 

PKP’s fundraising goal, as part of SCOSS, is to raise €734,647 towards operational costs to scale up our hosting and publishing services division. Improvements to PKP Publishing Services will benefit both those that use our software – and those that access content using such. This is because revenue from our publishing services cross-subsidizes PKP as a whole, including developing and maintaining the world’s most widely used free and open source platform for open access publishing, Open Journal Systems (OJS), as well as new offerings like Open Preprint Systems (OPS).

Thank you to the FNSO Steering Committee and SCOSS for recognizing and supporting our work. This generous gift enables us to take a big step towards ensuring PKP’s long-term sustainability. Furthermore, we hope that it will also inspire others to contribute, via membership or other donations, towards supporting vital open science infrastructure. Visit to learn more.


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