For the Love of Metadata: PKP and Crossref Partnership

November 4th, 2019 by  | Comments Off on For the Love of Metadata: PKP and Crossref Partnership

We’ve made it official. Crossref is now a PKP Strategic Partner. We’ve known each other for years but only just started getting serious. Ours is a love story built on mutual respect for DOI’s and metadata. We were working together so much we finally said, “let’s make plans together.” So we put pen to paper as all great partners do. Not much has changed – we’re still the same great organizations on a common mission to make scholarly communications better. Only now, we’ve got some really great plans.

Crossref is a not-for-profit membership organization. They put “research outputs in context” and make it so that scholarly content “can be found, cited, linked, assessed, and reused.” Content, of course, like your OJS journals. Since 2014, PKP has been supporting OJS integration and overall support for Crossref services. PKP can also act as a Sponsoring Organization  for OJS journals wishing to apply for Crossref membership and, in some cases, is able to waive fees.

Most notably, under our new partnership agreement, a Crossref-PKP Working Group has been formed. Earlier this spring, PKP and Crossref met to discuss the formation of a working group that would help address some of the issues OJS users were experiencing with their Crossref membership.  Days later, at the SFU Sprint in Vancouver, a small group of sprinters met to review the OJS 3.1.2 Crossref plugin and discuss an initial set of recommendations/proposed deliverables for the working group. Membership has since been established and the Crossref-PKP Working Group now meets bi-monthly to discuss the development of Crossref features and functionality in PKP software including several plugins.

Furthermore, our union has created Crossref-specific documentation and training in the PKP Docs Hub. The Crossref OJS 3.1.2+ Manual was a labour of love and joint production of both institutions. Here you’ll find out how to get started with DOIs, how to set up the Crossref Plugin in OJS, and all about reference linking and deposits.

Next up? You’ll find PKP’s Mike Nason and Crossref’s Susan Collins at PKP 2019, our 7th International Scholarly Publishing Conference November 18-22, 2019. Not only are Mike and Susan telling our shared stories on November 22, they are also teaching a pre-conference OJS workshop on November 20 called “Metadata Matters.” This 2-hour workshop is just $25 USD with your conference registration and will help you make your research and publications more visible by harnessing the power of metadata.  

If you’re a Crossref member using OJS, stay tuned for future collaborations – there’s more metadata love still to come. 

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