PKP’s Juan Pablo Alperin Receives Open Scholarship Award

April 16th, 2018 by  | 1 Comment

Congratulations to Juan Pablo Alperin, PKP Associate Faculty Director of Research, in receiving the Open Scholarship Award from the Canadian Social Knowledge Institute.

Award recipients demonstrate exemplary open scholarship via research, projects, or initiatives. These awards are intended to acknowledge and celebrate exemplary open scholarship, nominated via an open process.

Alperin’s initiatives include his directorship of the Scholcomm Lab (Simon Fraser U, partners at U Ottawa and U Montreal), and research leadership of Understanding Societal Impact of Research through Social Media (PI; SSHRC Insight Grant), which to develop new methodologies for studying how both scholars and non-scholars share scholarly research through social media, Assessing the Value of Openness in Faculty Review and Promotion (PI; Open Society Foundation), which seeks to address the incentives for Open-Access publishing by looking at Tenure and Promotion guidelines from departments across North America, and Sustaining Open Access’ Most Widely Used Publishing Software (PI; Arnold Foundation Planning Grant), which seeks to develop long-term sustainability planning for the Public Knowledge Project(PKP), an essential piece of open scholarly infrastructure. Alperin has a decade of service to the PKP team, initially as a software developer and currently as the Project’s Associate Director of Research, and is a member of the team for Open Science: Social Science & Humanities Cyberinfrastructure (Co-applicant with PI Vincent Lariviere, CFI Cyberinfrastructure).

This award provides well-deserved recognition of Juan’s research, the results of which feed directly back into PKP’s wider program of open source software development and publishing services, advocacy, and community education.

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  1. Congratulations Juan Pablo, a well deserved award. And thank you so much all PKP team for your commitment with developing regions open access scholarly communications.

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