Current Status of the PKP PLN

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The PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) has now been in production for a little over a year, and the PKP team would like to share some data on what the PLN is preserving. The PKP PLN is a free service that uses open-source software and a network of partners to create a “dark archive” of OJS journals that is distributed across the globe. Journals preserved in the PLN will become “bright” again and be available to the reading public long after their original OJS website is gone.

To make this possible, the network of eight partners stores identical copies of each issue, mitigating against loss from natural disaster or human activity. Copies are currently stored  across Canada, in the US, and in Italy.

As of the beginning of May 2017, 10,816 issues from 453 OJS journals have been collected and preserved in the PLN!

These journals are based in a variety of countries:

Country Number of journals
United States 124
Brazil 77
Canada 57
Italy 37
Costa Rica 28
Argentina 17
Indonesia 14
Germany 11
France 10
Russia 8
United Kingdom 8
Norway 6
Singapore 6
Turkey 5
Cuba 5

In addition to these countries, there are also many countries with between 1 and 5 journals in the PLN.

Publishers of OJS journals represented in the PLN include commercial publishers, scientific institutes associated with universities, libraries, and scholarly societies. Many publishers have only one journal, but there are several publishers who have over 30 journals in the network.

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