OMP 1.1.1 released

December 19th, 2014 by  | 3 Comments

The Public Knowledge Project team is pleased to announce the release of Open Monograph Press (OMP) 1.1.1.

OMP 1.1.1 continues to solidify OMP’s status as a production-caliber monograph management system with continued bug fixes and feature additions:

  • Static Pages plugin for CMS-like creation and editing of arbitarary page content
  • Custom Blocks plugin for creation and editing of configurable sidebar content
  • Improved German language support (thanks to our volunteer translators!)
  • Improved email notifications
  • …and much more

PKP would like to thank the OMP early adopters group and our team of volunteer testers and translators.

OMP 1.1.1 can be downloaded here.

3 Comments on "OMP 1.1.1 released"

  1. Arley Soto says:

    La versión 1.1.1 OMP corrige algunos errores pequeños de las versiones anteriores y definitivamente funciona bien. Para echar un vistazo de esta nueva versión pueden consultar el sitio OMP de la Editorial Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia en

  2. David says:

    The project seems very interesting, but if we want to test it or participate, we need to download it to use, there is no way to have an online demo service?

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