Annual Report 2013 available

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Concurrent with the PKP Annual General Meeting, which takes place tomorrow October 3rd in Burnaby, Canada, PKP has published its annual report for 2013.

The report includes updates for all our areas of activity: such as software development, research,  and community involvement.

Excerpt “Advisory Chair’s Report” by Timothy Deliyannides, Director, Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing and Head, Information Technology, University of Pittsburgh

2013 was a remarkable year for convergence and collaboration among PKP members.  At the 4th PKP International Scholarly Publishing Conference, we were reminded of the global impact of PKP’s work in developing innovative publishing technologies.  We saw many examples of partners around the world who have applied PKP tools in new ways, and we gained understanding of new challenges facing scholarly publishing offered from many different perspectives.

The good work of PKP would mean little without the vibrant and diverse community of members who share common goals for the advancement and sharing of scholarly research.  We believe that PKP’s progress can best be sustained by a participatory and member-driven governance process.  This year, the PKP Advisory Committee along with its Technical and Members Committees have focused on charting a strategic direction to ensure the future of PKP, planning and prioritizing the development of new tools and services that are both useful and useable, and meeting new challenges through the collective strength and energy of our member community.

Read the full Annual report 2013

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