Funding for two German “Open Access Scholarly Monographs and Monographic Series” using OMP

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In December 2013, the Joint Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) reached its decision on proposals submitted as part of a call for proposals entitled “Open Access Scholarly Monographs and Monographic Series“. Two out of 17 proposed projects were approved, and both of these use Open Monograph Press. The projects, from the fields of linguistics and transcultural studies, will receive total funding of approximately 800,000 euros for a period of two years.

The projects

The international “Language Science Press“, set up by Prof. Müller and Prof. Haspelmath at the Free University of Berlin, will make a large number of series covering different aspects of linguistics available to the research community on an open access basis. The intention is to use an innovative organisational model to integrate researchers in the review and production process.

Heidelberg Studies in Transculturality” was established by the cluster of excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context” and Heidelberg University Library. This series will be used to develop a modular business model that will serve as a basis for the sustainable long-term production of high-quality, internationally visible open access book publications. In close partnership with PKP, the functionality of OMP will be extended in order to optimise the production process.


The call for Open Access Scholarly Monographs and Monographic Series was a specific funding opportunity for academic fields in which journal articles are not the principal medium of publication. It is intended to promote the development and implementation of sustainable and reusable business models for the open access publication of monographs.

In the view of the Joint Committee, the approved projects presented organisationally and technically convincing models for the funding, publication, dissemination and archiving of quality-assured open access monographs in their respective fields, which can be used by other fields too. With this in mind, documentation will be produced and available explaining the implementation process. The reviewers were also impressed by the integration of both experienced and early career researchers and information institutions in the establishment of the publication infrastructure – a notable advantage of the chosen projects.

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