Early Adopters of the Open Monograph Press – An introduction

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The newest Public Knowledge Project (PKP) software module, the Open Monograph Press (OMP) 1.0 (Beta), was released on September 17th, 2012. As part of OMP’s release strategy, PKP is working closely with several early adopters who are using OMP in a production environment and who will provide feedback on their experiences with the software. The Early Adopter Initiative is a very important part of ensuring the successful release and adoption of the OMP software. Collectively, the early adopters represent a wide array of OMP use cases, including an established university press; a scholarly publishing group; an academic department; and an academic library providing hosting services.

Who are the Early Adopters?

The OMP Early Adopter Initiative includes: Athabasca University PressOpen Humanities PressUniversity of Murcia (Spain) PublicationsUniversity Library Systems at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Windsor, Philosophy Department & Leddy Library. All the early adopters have provided support to PKP activities in various ways over the years.

Athabasca University Press

Athabasca University Press was founded in 2007, and has participated in the design and development of OMP from Day One. AU Press is the centre of scholarly publishing expertise for Athabasca University and is the first open access scholarly press to be established by a Canadian University in the twenty-first century. They cultivate the areas of open-, distance-, and e-learning, and are dedicated to making AU Press publications accessible to a broad readership through open access technologies.

Open Humanities Press

Launched in 2008, Open Humanities Press is an international open access publishing collective in the humanities, specializing in critical and cultural theory. Its aim is to establish a new model that confers the status and reputation of a more traditional publishing entity to a scholar-based initiative. As a grassroots response to the crisis in scholarly publishing in the humanities, OHP is fully committed to making its scholarly literature freely available to anyone with an internet connection around the world, and aims to be internationally diverse in its content and editorial process.

University of Murcia Publications

The University of Murcia, in Spain, was founded in 1915, which makes it the tenth oldest university in that country. University of Murcia Publications is an established university press, which already uses OJS and OCS extensively for their journals and conferences. They have translated OMP’s interface into Spanish and have a prestigious edited monograph lined up for production through OMP.

University Library Systems, University of Pittsburgh

The University Library Systems at the University of Pittsburgh is the 26th-largest academic research library in all of North America and the 16th-largest among the prestigious public libraries of the Association of American Universities. They provide hosting services, consultation in editorial workflow management, training for editors, reviewers, etc., and advice on open access & e-publishing to research on a global scale. They are a leader in transforming the patterns of scholarly communication and to support researchers in the production and sharing of new knowledge in innovative ways, while building collaborative partnerships around the world.

Philosophy Department & Library, University of Windsor

The Philosophy Department at the University of Windsor is planning to use OMP to establish a publishing program focusing on monograph series. The University of Windsor Library has been an active participant in many open source software development initiatives during the past decade, and will be providing technical and other support for this project.

OMP is designed to assist a variety of organizations, such as our Early Adopters, in publishing scholarly books in print-on-demand and multiple electronic formats, whether on an open access or purchase basis. Each one of our Early Adopters will be able to provide feedback related to their specific needs, enabling PKP to continue to build upon and enhance the OMP software platform. We would be interested in hearing from other early users of OMP.

As with all PKP software, OMP can be downloaded for free and installed on a local webserver or it can be hosted by PKP Publishing Services. More information about OMP, including links to documentation, can be found on the PKP website at http://pkp.sfu.ca/omp.

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