Tech Committee Agenda 22 May 2013

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  1. New member introductions: Allan Bell (UBC), Bronwen Sprout (UBC)
  2. Quick round of updates
    1. What have we all been working on?
    2. Any particular needs that the group can help with?
  3. At-large membership: discuss poll results; identify top choices.
  4. 3 volunteers from members committee - status?
  5. Clarifying PKP priorities and methodologies so that this committee can begin to provide technical input and advice (see PKP Tech Committee Mandate).
    1. Perhaps each of us can commit to editing a small portion of the PKP documentation that we've used in our work?
    2. New priorities-related document: Software Milestones page needs review
    3. Any other new documents we should be aware of?
    4. Overall need for better documentation and organization/accessibility of information. How can we improve it?
      1. James - update on new WP site?
      2. Google group thread on using blog format for organizing/storing documents
  6. Committee communication
    1. Google group
    2. IRC channel?, #pkp
  7. Anything else?