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Regarding John's proposal

  • Alec’s questions
    • Should it be possible to add Auditors both in 2 and 3? (John says probably not.)
    • What is the role of 4378-Metadata? Is this a file, or is it actually the submission metadata?
    • If there are multiple copyeditors, how are their copyedited files distinguished in 2?
    • How are file assignments to copyeditors handled? Can the selections be changed?
    • Why are we using a Notify action to contact Auditors, and a Promote-style modal to notify Copyeditors? Can the two be reconciled?
    • How generally does approval happen at the various levels?
    • What’s the difference between “Auditing copyedits” and “Copyedit needs audit”? Both indicate that a file has not been uploaded by the auditor yet. Is the status change triggered e.g. by download the file?
    • Colour coding -- inconsistent with elsewhere (notify; notes in particular)
    • Sending files to production directly from 1, 2, or 3?
    • How does resend for production work?
    • How are auditors/copyeditor acknowledged?
  • Kevin’s questions (where not covered above)
    • Is there a way for the copyeditor to move the files to the next section without downloading/uploading? E.g., Move to Auditing button?
    • The Add Another Copyedit/Audit Round button -- are the same auditors used? What happens to previously initiated but not completed audits?
    • What happens when a Copyeditor wants to move an audited file to Production-Ready? Is a download and upload required?
    • How do files arrive in Production Ready?
    • What is the status “Audit needs consult”?
  • General take-aways:
    • The notification process is inconsistent (copyeditor vs. auditors)
    • Unnecessary upload/download cycles might be required, which should be avoided; especially the case where this will involve selecting the file that’s been revised
    • The operation of additional rounds needs to be specified
    • Not sure the use of 4 (or more) separate grids will clarify the workflow