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Project Contacts

Project Information


The proposed PKP Private LOCKSS Network (PLN) will:

  • provide preservation services for any OJS journal that meets minimum requirements. These are yet to be determined but may include having published one year’s worth of content and having an ISSN
  • allow OJS journal managers to register their journals for inclusion in the PLN by simply enabling a plugin in their OJS instance and agreeing to a small number of terms in the Preservation Agreement
  • on registration of a journal, automatically determine if the registered journal meets the minimum inclusion requirements
  • preserve the raw journal content as generated by OJS’s existing export tools
  • automatically harvest new content from registered journals and add the content to the PLN, eliminating manual staff intervention at PLN member sites
  • provide access to preserved content after a “trigger event” has been communicated to PKP by the journal manager

Technical inftrastructure



Will become operational with the release of OJS 2.4.5 (mid 2014).