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PKP 2011 Hackfest - Open Reviews Project

What is this?

Open Reviews is an alternative to the standard double-blind peer review process. In a double-blind process the editor typically chooses reviewers, and reviewers do not know who authored the article. In an open review, reviewers can typically self-select and comment anonymously on any article they choose.

Open Reviews have long been a topic on our FAQ.

What might be done in this project?

There are many different models for open review processes, and all are experimental. For example:

The goal of this project would be to choose a model and implement it somehow within OJS. This could be something as simple as reviewing existing features -- i.e. anonymous commenting on published articles -- and coming up with a detailed guide on how to perform an open review by combining those features as they currently exist, or as complicated as rewriting the double-blind review system to incorporate a new review model.

See also the related Liquid Publishing project.