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Open Monograph Press (OMP) is an open source tool for managing and publishing monographs, edited volumes, and scholarly editions over the Web. It is a highly flexible editor-operated book management and publishing system that can be downloaded for free and installed on most web servers. It has been designed to reduce the time and energy devoted to the clerical and managerial tasks associated with publishing books, while improving the record-keeping and efficiency of editorial processes. It seeks to improve the scholarly and public quality of publishing through a number of innovations, and includes clear and intuitive workflows for every aspect of the manuscript submission, review, editing and production processes.

About this Guide

  • This Userguide is up to date for Open Monograph Press 1.0b, released on September 17 2012.
  • OMP itself includes extensive inline documentation describing every component of the user interface. If you think you are missing this inline documentation, ensure that you have Help turned on in the OMP interface (the Help toggle is in the upper-right corner of the Web page).
  • This guide is therefore not a comprehensive, piece-by-piece overview of OMP. It instead provides a higher-level overview, describing in more general terms what the software is for; how to configure a press; how monograph submissions of different types are submitted, managed, and published; and how to manage a book catalog.
  • If you have any questions about the content of this document, please use the Discussion page. See this Mediawiki help page for information on using talk pages.
  • All screenshots were taken from the OMP Demonstration site. Content for this demonstration site, including book cover images, was graciously provided by our partner Athabasca University Press.


Since 1998, the Public Knowledge has been releasing and upgrading software intended to improve the public and scholarly quality of research, and with Open Monograph Press (OMP), it seeks to support a format that remains critical to the advancement of learning.

OMP Home Page

OMP is an open source software platform for managing the editorial workflow required to see monographs, edited volumes and, scholarly editions through internal and external review, editing, cataloguing, production, and publication. OMP will operate, as well, as a press website with catalog, distribution, and sales capacities.