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The Network is moderated by several Regional coordinators who will view and analyse incoming posts and who will communicate with the central PKP project organization.

Regional Moderators:

Norway, Denmark, Sweden: Jorgen Eriksson (Lund University Library) & Jan Erik Fransvag (Tromso University Library)

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxenmbourg & Ireland and UK: Inge Werner (Utrecht University Library)

Germany, Austria & Switzerland: Katja Mruck (Freie Universitat)

Spain, Portugal, France & Italy: Vicente Lillo Hidalgo (Vicente, where are you from?)

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel: Panagiotis Stathopoulos (National Documentation Centre Greece)

Technical Coordinator: Martin van Luijt (Utrecht University Library)

The network is supported by SPARC Europe, Astrid van Wesenbeeck