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Welcome to the PKP Members Committee page. We're part of the PKP governance structure.

Terms of Reference


  • Provide a community-based forum for feedback on PKP’s general strategic direction and priorities for PKP’s software development
  • Provide guidance and advice on support priorities, educational and other services for the PKP user community
  • Assist in planning and supporting PKP conferences, workshops, and other related activities
  • Assist in the fundraising efforts to sustain the ongoing research and development activities of PKP


  • Chair, selected by members for a two year term
  • Platinum Sponsors (all)
  • Gold Sponsors (up to 6)
  • Silver Sponsors (up to 4)
  • Bronze Sponsors ( up to 2)
  • Regional consortial groups/networks (up to 3)
  • Publisher (1)
  • Scholarly Organization (1)
  • University Press (1)
  • PKP Coordinator for Community Services and Learning (ex officio)
  • PKP Member Services and Communications Officer (ex officio)



Current Members

  • Cynthia Archer, York University (Gold)
  • Amy Buckland, McGill University (Gold)
  • Mark Cyzyk, John Hopkins University (Silver)
  • Alan Darnell, OCUL (Regional Group: Scholars Portal)
  • Vanessa Gabler, University of Pittsburgh (Chair, Development Partner)
  • Geoff Harder, University of Alberta (Platinum)
  • Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria (Gold)
  • Sarah Lippincott (Regional group: Library Publishing Coalition)
  • Karen Meijer-Kline PKP (ex officio - Member Services and Communications Officer)
  • Holly Mercer, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Platinum)
  • Shayna Pekala, Indiana University (Gold)
  • Judith C. Russell, University of Florida (Silver)
  • Beth Sandore Namachchivaya, University of Illinois (Chicago / Urbana-Champaign) (Gold)
  • Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia (Development partner)
  • Kevin Stranack, PKP (ex officio - Coordinator for Community Services and Learning)

Currently Unfilled Roles

  • 2 Representatives from Regional Consortial groups (to be appointed by the Advisory Committee)
  • 1 Scholarly Organization (to be appointed by the Advisory Committee)
  • 1 Scholarly Publisher (to be appointed by the Advisory Committee)
  • 1 University Press


Email listserv (invitation only)

Members Committee Meeting Minutes 21 Jan 2014

Members Committee Meeting Minutes 21 Aug 2013

Members Committee Meeting Minutes 29 Nov 2012

Members Committee Meeting Minutes 28 Sept 2012