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You can access our Bugzilla database here. We welcome any bug reports and feature requests, so long as they are understandably written flagged correctly (mostly an issue of setting the severity between enhancement; trivial; minor; normal; major; critical; or blocker levels, although you can also set the priority as well if you'd like). You can see a great set of writing guidelines here.

You are also advised to search for similar reports to avoid duplication.

CVS Access

Web-based CVS

You can view our CVS repository online here.

Command Line CVS access

You can check out all CVS modules via anonymous CVS. Before you do so, you should know which modules, exactly, you want to work with. OJS and OCS each have a stable and devel branch; the stable branches are standalone maintenance releases (extensions of OJS 2.2.2 and OCS 2.1.1 codebases), while the devel branches also require you to check out the PKP Web Application Library, which then needs to be symlinked. Harvester2 and Open Monograph Press only have one devel branch (each also needing the PKP WAL). Lemon8 is a standalone program with only one branch at the moment.

OJS and OCS stable branches