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AJAX frameworkAbout mOJO (Multiple OJs Operations)
AddAdvisory CommitteeAltMetrics
Alternative Publishing ModelsAnnotations
Authorization FrameworkAuthorization PluginsAuthors: Proofing the Galleys
Authors: Responding to CopyeditorsAuthors: Responding to the DecisionAuthors: Submitting to an OJS Journal
Citation Markup Assistant testingCommunity Innovation ListCommunity Innovation Proposal Procedure
Configure Eclipse for PHPUnitContinuous PublicationCopyediting
Creating New AccountsCrossRefCustomizing OJS
DOIPluginsDocumentationDRIVERPlugIn Doku
Dashboard submission listsData Access Objects (DAO)
Deciding On Article File TypesDeleting / Merging AccountsDeveloper Documentation
Development CycleDifferences between CVS and git for PKP devsDisable
Education ProjectEmbedding Multimedia within OJS and OCSEnrolling Users
EsFind A Host
Form Builder VocabularyForm SequencesFront-end Cookbook
General Software MilestonesGetting Your Journal IndexedGithub Documentation for PKP Contributors
HOW-TO import and export to and from Git and CVS
HackfestHarvester Community Documentation
Harvester Feature RequestsHarvester RoadmapHow to scale to a large number of journals
Importing and Exporting DataInformation for DevelopersInstallation: Multiple OJS & mOJO
Integration OptionsIntegration TestingIntegration Testing Use Cases
Integration and InteroperabilityJavaScript coding conventionsJavaScript widget controllers
Journal ManagementLAC Copyright Deposit
Lemon8-XML Community DocumentationLemon8-XML RoadmapLibraries hosting scholarly content using our software
Liquid PublishingList of software customizations/enhancementsLocalization
Logging into OJSMain PageMain page - New
Maintain git and CVS synchronizedManual Database Install and UpgradeMega-Journals
Members CommitteeMembers Committee Meeting Minutes 21 Aug 2013Members Committee Meeting Minutes 21 Jan 2014
Members Committee Meeting Minutes 28 Sept 2012Members Committee Meeting Minutes 29 Nov 2012Metadata and Filter Framework
Migration issuesModeratorsMonash
Multilingual files uploaderMultilingual inputMultilingual input UI
NetworkingNew Journal SettingsNl NL
OCS: Farsi (fa IR)OCS 2.3.3-1 Recommended PatchesOCS 2.3.4 Recommended Patches
OCS 2.3.5 Recommended PatchesOCS Cookbook
OCS Feature RequestsOCS Recommended PatchesOCS Roadmap
OFRPluginsDocumentationOHS 2.3.1 Recommended PatchesOHS 2.3.2 Recommended Patches
OHS Recommended PatchesOJS-Anforderungen
OJS-Basque (eu ES)OJS-InstallationenOJS-OAI DRIVERGuidelines
OJS: Basque (eu ES)OJS: Bulgarian (bg BG)
OJS: Catalan (ca ES)OJS: Chinese (zh CN)OJS: Chinese (zh TW)
OJS: Croatian (hr HR)OJS: Czech (cs CZ)OJS: Danish (da DK)
OJS: Dutch (nl NL)OJS: Farsi (fa IR)OJS: French (fr CA)
OJS: French (fr FR)OJS: Galician (gl ES)OJS: German (de DE)
OJS: Greek (el GR)OJS: Indonesian (id ID)OJS: Italian (it IT)
OJS: Japanese (ja JP)OJS: Malayalam (ml IN)OJS: Norwegian (no NO)
OJS: Polish (pl PL)OJS: Portuguese (pt BR)OJS: Portuguese (pt PT)
OJS: Romanian (ro RO)OJS: Russian (ru RU)OJS: Serbian (sr SR)
OJS: Spanish (es ES)OJS: Swedish (sv SE)OJS: Turkish (tr TR)
OJS: Ukranian (uk UA)OJS: Vietnamese (vi VN)OJS: Welsh (cy GB)
OJS 2.2.3 Theme SamplesOJS 2.3.3-2 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.3.3-3 Recommended Patches
OJS 2.3.4 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.3.5 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.3.6 Recommended Patches
OJS 2.3.7 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.3.8 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.3: What's New
OJS 2.4.0 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.4.1 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.4.2 Recommended Patches
OJS 2.4.3 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.4.4-1 Recommended PatchesOJS 2.4.4 Recommended Patches
OJS 3 Feature RequestsOJS Cookbook
OJS CustomizationsOJS DashboardOJS Documentation
OJS Feature RequestsOJS IconographyOJS Localization
OJS NavigationOJS Reader InterfaceOJS Recommended Patches
OJS RoadmapOJS SmallEnhancements1OJS Specifics
OJS UI/UXOJS UserguideOJS Userguide: About
OJS Visual DesignOJS Workflow
OJS Workflow: Copyediting PageOJS Workflow: Production PageOJS Workflow: Review Page
OJS Workflow: StagesOJS Workflow: Submission PageOJSdeSearchConcept
OMP: French (fr CA)OMP: French (fr FR)
OMP: German (de DE)OMP: Greek (el GR)OMP: Portuguese (pt BR)
OMP: Spanish (es ES)OMP 1.0.0 Recommended PatchesOMP 1.0 Recommended Patches
OMP 1.0b Recommended PatchesOMP 1.1.0 Recommended Patches
OMP CookbookOMP Recommended PatchesOMP Roadmap
OMP Roadmap 2011OMP Roadmap pre-2011OMP UI/UX
OMP UI DesignOMP UI Design Settings RolesOMP UI Design Settings Roles Add
OMP UI Design Settings Roles Assign StagesOMP UI Design Settings Roles DeleteOMP UI Design Settings Roles Edit
OMP UI Design Settings UsersOMP UI Design Settings Users AddOMP UI Design Settings Users Delete
OMP UI Design Settings Users DisableOMP UI Design Settings Users EditOMP UI Design Settings Users Enrollment
OMP UI Design Settings Users SendEmailOMP UserguideOjsFullCredits EsES
Ojs pluginsOpenAIREPlugIn DokuOpen Monograph Press Design
Open ReviewsPKP/Dataverse Network IntegrationPKPWAL UI/UX
PKPWAL WorkflowPKP 2011 Conference Community PagesPKP Deutschland-Österreich-Schweiz
PKP European NetworkPKP Frequently Asked Questions
PKP LOCKKS ProposalPKP Library WidgetsPKP Private LOCKSS Network
PKP Software IntegrationPKP Statistics Framework
PKP WAL GridsPKP WAL Roadmap
Post-Installation Setup
Potential issues with RedHat installationProjectdescription FU BerlinProjects and Sub-Projects
Projektvorhaben FU BerlinProposed Plugins
Publishing WorkflowRecovering your PasswordReference Plugins
Register For An ISSNRegistering With An OJS JournalReviewer File Limitation
Reviewers: Conducting a ReviewRoles in OJSRouter Architecture
SearchSetting up LDAP/ShibbolethSetting up authentication
Setup The Server EnvironmentSite ManagementSocial Networking
Socially Networked Open Peer ReviewStart Here: Basic Workplan For New OJS Journals
Statistics and ReportingStructure of the PKP European NetworkTech Committee Agenda 14 November 2013
Tech Committee Agenda 16 July 2013Tech Committee Agenda 16 May 2013Tech Committee Agenda 18 June 2013
Tech Committee Agenda 20 August 2013Tech Committee Agenda 22 May 2013Tech Committee Agenda 25 February 2014
Tech Committee Agenda 27 January 2014Tech Committee Agenda 29 April 2014Tech Committee Agenda 2 October 2013
Tech Committee Agenda 8 April 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 10 February 2015Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 10 March 2015
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 13 January 2015Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 14 Nov 2013Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 April 2013
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 16 Jul 2013Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 18 June 2013Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 20 Aug 2013
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 22 May 2013Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 23 September 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 25 November 2014
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 26 August 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 28 October 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 29 April 2014
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 29 July 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 2 Oct 2013Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 3 June 2014
Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 8 April 2014Tech Committee Meeting Minutes 8 July 2014Technical Committee
Technical contributions by PKP-EN membersTest Data Creation Suite
Themeing, templates, stylesheetsThird Party Library Integration PolicyTraining material
Translating OxSTranslator DocumentationUI/UX Considerations
URNPlugIn DokuUnit Tests
User DocumentationUser Interface / User Experience ProcessUser Management
User TestsUsersUsing PayPal for OJS and OCS Payments
Using gmail SMTPVGWortPlugIn BugtrackingVGWortPlugIn Doku
Video Series
Wordpress IntegrationWriting DocumentationWriting a Block Plugin
XML PublishingXML Publishing Roadmap