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Postby dsolomon » Wed Sep 19, 2007 5:16 am

Hi MJ,

I ran a couple of our articles through Lemon8 and while it was not perfect it was awful close, worlds better than last July. Thanks, great work.

I just wanted to double check if it was alright to pass on the password to access Lemon 8 to couple of people who are working with me on Medical Education Online so they can also work on running some of our back articles through the system.

We'll track any problems issue and post them in the Wiki.


Dave Solomon
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Re: Access

Postby mj » Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:37 pm

Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback -- I'm very glad to hear that the application is starting to better meet your needs. Do keep playing around periodically, I tend to commit bug fixes and new features once or twice a week; I'll also try to make announcements on the mailing list when I do so.

Definitely feel free to pass along the login credentials to colleagues or others who are interested in trying the application. The motive behind restricting access at all is to keep it out of general "public" view (eg. blog linking) so that I can concentrate on adding new functionality and improving the code, rather than dealing with an inundation of bug reports and comments about how it's incomplete. It seems that in the post-Google world, marking something "Beta" no longer means what it once did, hence the reason for the "Alpha" label (even though Lemon8-XML is much closer to traditional "Beta" status).

Digression aside, please do comment in the wiki, and feel free to contribute any additional ideas or information as you see fit.

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