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Invitation to Test OCS 2 - Round Two

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Invitation to Test OCS 2 - Round Two

Postby kstranac » Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:55 am

We are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of Open Conference Systems version 2, a significant, and much-anticipated upgrade to the OCS system you are already familiar with (http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs).

As part of ensuring that this new version of OCS is ready for general release, we would like to ask you to consider volunteering to do some testing of the software. The testing will take place over a two week period, beginning in late March or early April. The exact dates will be finalized soon.

We will need volunteers to either do their own installation on a web server (which we need tested on a variety of platforms), or to work from a pre-existing installation that we will set up on the web for users. That is to say, that if you are unable to install OCS 2 yourself, please let us know and we can provide access to a demonstration version for you.

We can also send you a basic testing script, outlining how to get started with OCS 2, and some of the features we would like to see tested.

We are looking for a variety of people to participate in the testing, with technical skills ranging from novice to expert, so please don't feel that you or others on your team are in any way inappropriate for this crucial task. If you have collaborated with other parties in your use of OCS, please consider passing this invitation along to them as well.

We hope that you will seriously consider devoting some of your valuable time to this worthwhile endeavour, not only for the opportunity for a first look at the new version, or the chance to get any bugs that may arise on your own system resolved quickly, but to make a contribution to the open source, OCS community that is vital to this particular form of a commons-based knowledge economy, which has directly benefited well over 100 conferences around the world.

If you are interested in taking part in testing OCS 2, or would like further information, please let me know.
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Re: Invitation to Test OCS 2 - Round Two

Postby rke4me » Thu Aug 09, 2007 11:40 pm

Recently I subscribe a web hosting for a conference. You can check this at my linux server. Mysql and Appche is already there.

I know html only. So either you can instruct me (as am new) or i can provide you access for server for testing.
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Re: Invitation to Test OCS 2 - Round Two

Postby kstranac » Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:03 am

The testing of OCS 2 is now completed, but you are welcome to try out our demo version here:

The login is "admin" and the password is "testdrive". This installation will be regularly purged of all data, so please do not use it for anything other than making a short-term evaluation of the software.

Documentation is also available here: http://pkp.sfu.ca/files/OCSinanHour.pdf

Details on system requirements and installation instructions are here: http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs/demo/docs/README
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