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Add link to external file in OMP synopsis and download area

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Add link to external file in OMP synopsis and download area

Postby rootl » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:30 pm

Some of our larger file interactive have to be hosted externally. Is there a way to add code to link to an external file for downloading? Ideally we'd like to have it listed under the 'File Format' area on the Synopsis and Download views.

I have customized code on OJS and OMP templates, router, class files, etc, so I am willing to get my hands dirty :) We really need to have this functionality. Thanks.
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Re: Add link to external file in OMP synopsis and download a

Postby JasonNugent » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:43 am

Hi rootl,

How would the rest of your workflow look for these sorts of files? If you have a file that is so large that it needs to be hosted off site, are you using the rest of the submission workflow with regular file uploads? I'm trying to get my head around how you're using OMP in this way.

OJS article galleys had a similar feature where the galley was a remote URL instead of an uploaded file. Something similar could probably be worked into OMP.

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Re: Add link to external file in OMP synopsis and download a

Postby swing » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:27 am

Hi rootl,

Unfortunately I am not familiar with OMP, but with the remote galleys functionality in the stable OJS release, thus maybe I could help somehow.
I will write the necessary steps (having OJS in mind) and try to comment/adopt them for OMP:

1. Integrate the option into the editor interface:
In OMP this could be done in "Add publication format": I think the current publication format drop-down list shouldn't be changed, because also if remote, it can be audio, digital, hardback or softback, right? Thus I would just add a new input text field for remote URL + maybe a description that if the remote URL exists the reader would be redirected to the remote URL.

2. This should be considered in the database model:
A new column 'remote_url' should be added to the database table 'publication_formats' -- the new field/column 'remote_url' should be added in the 'omp_schema.xml'.
The get/setRemoteURL() should be added to the class classes/publicationFormat/PublicationFormat. These functions and the new column 'remote_url' should be considered in classes/publicationFormat/PublicationFormatDAO.

3. The form controllers/grid/catalogEntry/form/PublicationFormatForm should be adopted.

4. And finally it should be considered for the readers:
Here I am not sure what would be best way to do it. I think the remote publication format would be automatically displayed with all other formats under the cover image. I am not sure if the remote URL should be displayed here or maybe in the download area. However, the handler pages/catalog/CatalogBookHandler should be adopted as well as the appropriate templates in templates/catalog/book/.

I hope I could help a little bit, so that you know where and/or how to start with this?

Best wishes,
Bozana Bokan
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Re: Add link to external file in OMP synopsis and download a

Postby rootl » Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:52 am


Thank you Bozana Bokan for all this.

Jason, we are using OMP for all submission workflow. Audio files, high resolution images, and media are uploaded as supplementary files. The 'finished' product pdf has all of these items integrated. We have post max size, upload max size, execution all set very high. We also increased the maximum setting in /pkp/js/controllers/UploaderHandler.js We feel the issue resides with our host, but until we move up to a higher tier or switch hosts, we may have to host some of the 'finished' pdfs on another server.
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