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Postby prom » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:14 pm


I am considering whether the professional society for which I am publications editor might usedOMP in our workflow and/or publishing. It looks really great and is running well on my server, but I have one technical question: is it possible to use an external authentication system? I noticed in the config file that there are a bunch of settings commented out for implicit_auth.

I've configured quite a few webapps, but have never run across this term nor have I ever connected another system to shibboleth or exteral authentication.

Can someone tell me whether it would be possible for someone who understands authentication systems better than me to connect this to our member database/authenticaion system in Drupal, and also to register accounts not in that database as well (so external authors/reviewers can register)?

Thank you,

Chris Prom
Publications Editor, Society of American Archivists
Assistant University Archivist and Professor, University of Illinois Library

Code: Select all
;Is implicit authentication enabled or not

;implicit_auth = On

;Implicit Auth Header Variables

;implicit_auth_header_first_name = HTTP_TDL_GIVENNAME
;implicit_auth_header_last_name = HTTP_TDL_SN
;implicit_auth_header_email = HTTP_TDL_MAIL
;implicit_auth_header_phone = HTTP_TDL_TELEPHONENUMBER
;implicit_auth_header_initials = HTTP_TDL_METADATA_INITIALS
;implicit_auth_header_mailing_address = HTTP_TDL_METADATA_TDLHOMEPOSTALADDRESS
;implicit_auth_header_uin = HTTP_TDL_TDLUID

; A space delimited list of uins to make admin
;implicit_auth_admin_list = "100000040@tdl.org 85B7FA892DAA90F7@utexas.edu 100000012@tdl.org"

; URL of the implicit auth 'Way Finder' page. See pages/login/LoginHandler.inc.php for usage.

;implicit_auth_wayf_url = "/Shibboleth.sso/wayf"
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Re: authentication

Postby asmecher » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:45 pm

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately we don't currently have that expertise either; Shibboleth support was an external contribution for OJS and will only be partially implemented in OMP. I suspect the best solution would be an oauth2 implementation but I'm sorry to say we don't currently have one.

For the sake of connecting interested parties here, could you describe what your requirements are?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team
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