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OJS Plugin: Articles Extras Plugin

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OJS Plugin: Articles Extras Plugin

Postby damnpoet » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:20 am

This plugin is intended to extend the OJS article metadata allowing the system to store article’s “extra” settings in the OJS database.
For the current version, it allows to add:
  • Article Body
  • Article Body Images
  • Article Citations

Through the Journal Manager -> System Plugins interface, you can activate this plugin. Once active it can be accessed at Editor -> Articles Extras or at: http://www.yourJournalUrl.../index.php/{journal_initials}/ArticlesExtrasPlugin.

Author: Richard González Alberto
Software: OJS
Versions: 2.2+
Multilingual: yes
Requirements: TinyMCE plugin must be enabled

Version History:
1.3.1 - February 2, 2010
* citations form missing fields fixed

1.3 - February 2, 2010
* XAjax Functions fixed
* XAjax Integration fixed
* some other minor fixes

1.2 - January 31, 2010
* fixed some date isues
* some minor fixes

1.1 - January 21, 2010
* added README
* added LICENCE
* added en_US locale

1.0 - January 20, 2010
Initial release

Note: This is plugin is still in a beta stage. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Articles Extras Plugin v. 1.3.1
(124.31 KiB) Downloaded 593 times
Articles Extras Plugin v. 1.3
(124.3 KiB) Downloaded 293 times
Articles Extras Plugin v. 1.2
(124.3 KiB) Downloaded 312 times
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Re: OJS Plugin: Articles Extras Plugin

Postby damnpoet » Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:35 pm

Latest version of this plugin is available here:

lastest version of OJS is now supported.
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