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Why is the cache still making files?

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Why is the cache still making files?

Postby lednakashim » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:48 am

I want to disable ojs internal caching because it doesn't completely work, and I believe it is interfering with xcache. I am using the latest stable (2.0) release of xcache.

I am a little puzzled as to why my cache directory (/ojs/cache) directory keeps growing.

I suspect there is some inefficiency in my caching scheme because when I look at the xcache admin's listing of php, I get the following as my number one
Code: Select all
Cache   entry   Hits↑   Refcount   Size   PhpShared   SrcSize   Modify   device   inode   hash   Access   Create
php#1 349   /var/www/html/oncotarget/cache/fc-locale-03b174b61510807426c2a2c128f6a86a.php   1386   2774   50.08 K   2   14.71 K   6 h   51713   131582   3060   23 s   2 h

My configuration looks like
Code: Select all
; Choose the type of object data caching to use. Options are:
; - memcache: Use the memcache server configured below
; - xcache: Use the xcache variable store
; - apc: Use the APC variable store
; - none: Use no caching.
object_cache = none

; Enable memcache support
memcache_hostname = localhost
memcache_port = 11211
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Re: Why is the cache still making files?

Postby asmecher » Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:09 am

Hi lednakashim,

The file-based caching and opcode caches should work in concert with each other. Can you describe the problems you're having?

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