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OCS as a resource allocation tool for HPC systems

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OCS as a resource allocation tool for HPC systems

Postby ocaisa » Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:24 am

Resource allocation at High Performance Computing sites typically follow similar steps as a conference when granting access to compute resources (announcement of call for proposals, submission, technical and/or scientific review, decision, allocation). I've worked with another conference tool to customise the interface for such a process but the service we were using was commercial and not really feasible for larger resources. I'm currently trying to promote that our group consider working with OCS to provide the same functionality (with tweaking work from our side). Having browsed the source and the forums I'm a little concerned that the learning curve may be too step to make functional modifications in the near future. I was wondering whether the following is a do-able list of features within a 6-month window for beginners:
  • Language hack to essentially map 'Conference -> Resource Allocation' (I guess we can do this via a language plugin)
  • Either add additional metadata to the submission (to contain parameters such as, e.g., CPU hour request) OR allow the creation of a submission form to attach to an application (as is already available for reviewers)
  • Staged process that includes an applicants right to reply to reviewer comments (submission -> review -> right to reply -> decision). Logically this already exists with the 'abstract -> paper' 2 stage process
  • Actual allocation of resources is done by a resource allocation committee, not the director. Creation of a new role that is functionally similar to the reader role but also includes access to the project reviews to allow committee members to prepare for the committee meetings (decisions will still be inputted by conference director)
  • Additional decision statuses
  • Export plugin to extract data for creation of accounts on systems (i.e, author list, resource quotas, etc.)
This is a wishlist of features and I realise that some are harder than others. Maybe you can help me identify the low-hanging fruit? Can they be done via plugins or is source modification necessary (which I'd like to avoid as much as possible for future compatibility)?
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