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Trouble Copying OJS Instance For Development

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Trouble Copying OJS Instance For Development

Postby njeaoeu » Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:42 pm


I've been trying to copy a working OJS instance over locally to my
mac running OXS Snow Leopard to make development a bit easier and
quicker. The problem is that I've ran into what looks like permission
issues but am not sure how to fix it.

I meet the requirements and everything works alright (I've been
able to run a new instance of OJS on the mac).

When I have Apache/PHP/MySQL running and I navigate to
http://localhost/~njeaoeu/ojs in my browser I get the following problem
thrown at me:

Code: Select all
Warning: require_once(/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/classes/core/Application.inc.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/includes/functions.inc.php on line 30 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'classes/core/Application.inc.php' (include_path='.:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/classes:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/pages:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/classes:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/pages:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/lib/adodb:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/lib/phputf8:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/lib/pqp/classes:/Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/lib/smarty:.:/usr/lib/php') in /Users/njeaoeu/Sites/ojs/lib/pkp/includes/functions.inc.php on line 30

I've read the FAQ and have done various searches without making any progress.
Anyone have any idea?
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Re: Trouble Copying OJS Instance For Development

Postby jmacgreg » Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:03 pm

Hi nje,

Have you tried modifying the permissions for your OJS files? Those files need to be readable by the web server user.

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