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PrettyPhoto Image gallery [for review]

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PrettyPhoto Image gallery [for review]

Postby ramon » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:03 am

Hello all,

I apparently have successfully added a modal media box functionality to my OCS installation.
I used GoogleAnalytics and TinyMCE plugin code for this.
The PrettyPhoto JQuery Plugin is available here, which serves any type of media actually in a lightbox.

Further, an implementation of automation to create the necessary HTML, with the appropriate list items, similar to the StaticPages plugin will be necessary for long lists of files.
The OCS Plugin should be installed in the plugins/generics folder (available as attachment below!), while the PrettyPhoto plugin should be installed in the lib/ folder (named prettyphoto), and is available for download here.

Once it's evaluated and approved/corrected, it should be posted in the Gallery forum, and I'll try to update it for 2.3, and develop it for OJS as well.
PrettyPhoto OCS Plugin
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Re: PrettyPhoto Image gallery [for review]

Postby laurisnet » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:38 am

I made this customization in few seconds :)
Here is how to:

Find this location: tinymce_3_2_3_1\jscripts\tiny_mce\plugins\advlink\
And there is a file - link.htm

Open this link.htm in some text editors, for example notepad and find following code:

<select id="rel" name="rel">
<option value="">{#not_set}</option>
<option value="lightbox">Lightbox</option>
<option value="alternate">Alternate</option>
<option value="designates">Designates</option>
<option value="stylesheet">Stylesheet</option>
<option value="start">Start</option>
<option value="next">Next</option>
<option value="prev">Prev</option>
<option value="contents">Contents</option>
<option value="index">Index</option>
<option value="glossary">Glossary</option>
<option value="copyright">Copyright</option>
<option value="chapter">Chapter</option>
<option value="subsection">Subsection</option>
<option value="appendix">Appendix</option>
<option value="help">Help</option>
<option value="bookmark">Bookmark</option>
<option value="nofollow">No Follow</option>
<option value="tag">Tag</option>

And insert this line after <select tag........

<option value="prettyPhoto[pp_gal]">prettyPhoto</option>

Hope this will help, for me it worked well!
Enjoy coding ;)

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