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Problems with adding archive and max granularity

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Problems with adding archive and max granularity

Postby tlove » Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:18 pm

I've two problems emerged at the same time with a Harvester 2.0.1 setup at http://www.allaboutdesignresearch.com/i ... icles.html

When people try to add new archives via the front page, it doesn't let them.
'Enable anonymous users to submit their archives for indexing.' is turned on in site settings.

I'm also getting large numbers of 'max granularity' messages when I try to harvest an archive in parts (usually because I get a 'No node is available' message which I'm presuming is a timeout).

Any thoughts on either of them??

The site is running on Php 5 and Mysql 4 on a load-balanced shared server cluster. I don't have direct access to the command line, though I can get some indirect access via cron.

Best regards and thanks,

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