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Patch: detect truncation of Special Requests

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Patch: detect truncation of Special Requests

Postby derekp » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:38 pm

The database column for storing special requests stores only 255 characters. With PostgreSQL, attempting to store a longer string causes an error, which this patch detects and avoids.

Code: Select all
--- ocs-2.0.0-1/classes/registration/form/RegistrationForm.inc.php.regvalidation        2007-04-10 13:45:08.000000000 -0700
+++ ocs-2.0.0-1/classes/registration/form/RegistrationForm.inc.php      2008-03-04 01:28:26.016780000 -0800
@@ -68,4 +68,5 @@
                // Notify email flag is valid value
                $this->addCheck(new FormValidatorInSet($this, 'notifyEmail', 'optional', 'manager.registration.form.notifyEmailValid', array('1')));
+               $this->addCheck(new FormValidatorLength($this, 'specialRequests', 'optional', 'manager.registration.form.specialRequestsTruncated', '<=', 255));

@@ -90,4 +91,6 @@
                $templateMgr->assign('registrationTypes', $registrationTypes);
                $templateMgr->assign('helpTopicId', 'schedConf.managementPages.registration');
+               $this->setData('specialRequests', String::substr($this->getData('specialRequests'), 0, 255));

--- ocs-2.0.0-1/classes/registration/form/UserRegistrationForm.inc.php.regvalidation    2007-05-10 12:38:26.000000000 -0700
+++ ocs-2.0.0-1/classes/registration/form/UserRegistrationForm.inc.php  2008-03-04 01:21:04.023542000 -0800
@@ -35,5 +35,5 @@
                $this->addCheck(new FormValidator($this, 'registrationTypeId', 'required', 'manager.registration.form.typeIdRequired'));
                $this->addCheck(new FormValidatorCustom($this, 'registrationTypeId', 'required', 'manager.registration.form.typeIdValid', create_function('$registrationTypeId, $schedConfId', '$registrationTypeDao = &DAORegistry::getDAO(\'RegistrationTypeDAO\'); return $registrationTypeDao->openRegistrationTypeExistsByTypeId($registrationTypeId, $schedConfId);'), array($schedConf->getSchedConfId())));
+               $this->addCheck(new FormValidatorLength($this, 'specialRequests', 'optional', 'manager.registration.form.specialRequestsTruncated', '<=', 255));
                $captchaManager =& new CaptchaManager();
@@ -121,4 +121,5 @@
                $templateMgr->assign('schedConfSettings', $schedConf->getSettings());
                $templateMgr->assign_by_ref('user', $user);
+               $this->setData('specialRequests', String::substr($this->getData('specialRequests'), 0, 255));
--- ocs-2.0.0-1/locale/en_US/locale.xml.regvalidation   2008-03-03 15:54:10.000000000 -0800
+++ ocs-2.0.0-1/locale/en_US/locale.xml 2008-03-04 01:31:37.032504000 -0800
@@ -1498,4 +1498,5 @@
        <message key="manager.registration.form.notifyEmailValid">Please use the checkbox provided.</message>
        <message key="manager.registration.form.registrationContactRequired">In order to send the user a notification email, the registration contact name and email address must be specified in the Conference Setup.</message>
+       <message key="manager.registration.form.specialRequestsTruncated"><![CDATA[The Special Requests field is too long, and has been truncated. If this is OK, please submit this form again.]]></message>
        <message key="manager.registration.form.userId">User</message>
        <message key="manager.registration.form.typeId">Registration type</message>
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Make special requests prompt customizable per schedConf

Postby derekp » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:42 pm

Currently, the special requests prompt for conference registration reads,
Please describe any special requirements or requests, such as dietary, access, etc.

It would be nice if the prompt were customizable per scheduled conference. For example, a conference might ask registrants to also specify their preferred roommate.
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Re: Patch: detect truncation of Special Requests

Postby asmecher » Sat Mar 22, 2008 4:46 am

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the heads-up -- actually, since this is a text box, it should probably be changed to a text column rather than a varchar(255). See http://pkp.sfu.ca/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=3314. This can be fixed for an OCS 2.0 installation via an ALTER TABLE statement.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team
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